Referral Program

We want to show our appreciation for our customers who share their satisfaction with our service. As a way to say thanks, we’ve set up a referral program for you.

To participate in it, you must complete our registration process. Your personal referral link will be available on your profile page and all the rewards will be deposited to your PredictionMarkt account.

How it works

All new users that sign up for PredictionMarkt through your personal unique link will be part of your referral reward.

The users that you referred will pay 3% instead of 4% fee on their withdrawal, and you will receive 1% of their total deposits.

There is no limit to the number of referrals one can have nor to the minimum amount of money they deposit.

Funds will be deposited automatically and will be visible on your referrers page.

Ground Rules

  • We have zero-tolerance policy towards spam and fraud;

  • All all awards are subject to the discretion of the Bounty Manager;

  • Any scams or abuse of any kind will result in a ban and loss of any pending rewards.