When will the first driverless cargo trucks be released?

By the end of 2018

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Last trade
42 x 0.00059 ETH
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Market tickerTRUCKS
Contract tickerTRUCKS:2018:ETH
CurrencyEthereum (ETH)
Market typecategorical
Start date2018-02-18
Close date2020-01-01
CurrencyDaily volumeMarket CapShare Price
Ethereum0 ETH0.04 ETH0 — 0.001 ETH
PredictionToken0 PMT0 PMT0 — 100 PMT

Outcome determination

The market outcome will be determined by the date when commercial driverless cargo trucks with no human drivers will become generally available (in any country) and sold for commercial use as reported by a credible news outlet.

Market liquidation

Once the outcome is determined, the market closes for up to 48 hours during which it is possible to dispute the outcome. After that all the shares are liquidated and automatically converted to money.

The liquidation value of the shares which represent the actual outcome of this market will be 100%. All the other shares will have no value.

Dispute rules

Please contact [email protected] for any disputes.

The decisions and determinations about the market outcomes shall be at PredictionMarkt’s sole discretion and shall be final.